Blue Ribbon Warrior Foundation PO BOX 471967, Charlotte, NC 28247

Colorectal Cancer Awareness License Plate – Please act now!

Attention all Blue Ribbon Warriors and Blue Ribbon Warrior supporters: The time has come to show your “colors”.

We are thrilled to report that the NC Blue Ribbon Warrior License plate has been approved and passed all NC legislative hurdles with unanimous votes. The plate will hit the NC highways in soon.

One final step remains in the process. We need to have your purchase orders for the “Blue Ribbon” tags. We are required to have commitment for 500 NC licensed vehicles before production can begin.

The process is easy:

Download the application (Here MVR-27PPA or from the NCDOT here:, write your check to the The Blue Ribbon Warrior Foundation, and mail it along with your check to The Blue Ribbon Warrior Foundation PO BOX 471967, Charlotte, NC 28247

The Fees are as follows:

Standard Special Plate Fee:  $30.00
Personalized Fee (optional): $30.00
(Your check is for $30.00 without personalization, or $60.00 with personalization. Note:  BRW1, BRW2, and B@MN are already taken for personalization.

Also, disregard the First in Flight/Freedom section. With 500 pre-orders we can have the license plate look like what you see above on the website (although the CC will likely be changed).

The checks will be deposited into the Blue Ribbon Foundation Account that has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank to hold the funds until they are submitted in the form of one combined bank check to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

All proceeds from the tag will be directly forwarded by the DMV to The North Carolina Colon Cancer Coalition. The funds will then be used for cancer screening, support to families effected by colorectal cancer and to assist with medical costs for those in treatment.

As Doc’s biggest fans, we are proud of his accomplishment in the development of this license plate. But this plate is not just about Doc, it is about every Blue Ribbon Warrior and every Blue Ribbon supporter. Our goal as a foundation is to raise awareness and to provide support for the journey.

As Doc said, “If raising awareness and sharing my journey encourages just one person to get screened and it saves their life, then my journey will have been worth it”.

So let’s get out there and make a difference! A key way that you can do this is by helping us make this endeavor go viral with your friends and social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter).

We have also set up this web site to share the progress with all of you.  We will post the progress of submitted applications and share the date of when your plate will be delivered.

This is as much a new process for us as it is for you. Given this, we are sure there will be questions. To save time, we will answer questions on the web site as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).